“I’ve known Milo Fitch for several years. I met him through the Sheriff’s department re-entry council which he ran. He is an experienced law enforcement official who is fair and dedicated to reforming Sacramento’s criminal justice system.”

Dustin Johnson, member of the Los Rios Community College District’s Board of Trustees

“This year there is a clear choice for Sacramento County Sheriff: an incumbent who is more interested in playing politics than protecting the public, or Milo Fitch, the principal challenger who has the experience, know-how, and commitment to keeping our communities safe and strong. My endorsement goes to Milo Fitch. He combines a model career in the Sacramento Sheriff’s department with the smarts to use the right tools of law enforcement to protect our neighborhoods. He is a proven leader who will partner with residents, businesses, faith and community leaders, Sheriff’s deputies and City police officers throughout the county to keep our neighborhoods safe and sound.”

Steve Cohn, Sacramento City Councilmember 1994-2014

“As the executive director of one of the most active offender reentry counseling and case management services providers in Sacramento, and as someone that has provided subject matter expertise to the State in regards to law enforcement and community relations, along with having my own offender rehabilitation story chronicled in a 2014 TED Talk, I believe I am uniquely qualified to know the needs of Sacramento County as it relates to “informed and fair” criminal justice and public safety.  As such, I without reservation endorse the candidacy of Milo Fitch as Sacramento County Sheriff.  I’ve known and worked with Milo for over 6 years over which time he has earned my trust and respect. I’ve had a number of professional and personal conversations with Milo.  He is a main of strong character and committed to the notion of “justice.”   He possesses the flexibility to consider all sides of a particular issue, but also has the courage to take a stand if he feels it is the right thing to do.  He has a tremendous ability to self-reflect on new information and integrate it into his knowledge base to facilitate personal growth, maturity, and creative vision.  He is what Sacramento needs especially in light of the recent challenges between law enforcement and communities of color. He understands implicit bias and is not afraid to address it and he is willing to listen and be responsive to the ALL communities he will be charged to serve and protect.” 

Dr. BJ Davis, Executive Director & Clinical Director Strategies for Change