“I’ve known Milo Fitch for several years. I met him through the Sheriff’s department re-entry council which he ran. He is an experienced law enforcement official who is fair and dedicated to reforming Sacramento’s criminal justice system.”

Dustin Johnson, member of the Los Rios Community College District’s Board of Trustees

“This year there is a clear choice for Sacramento County Sheriff: an incumbent who is more interested in playing politics than protecting the public, or Milo Fitch, the principal challenger who has the experience, know-how, and commitment to keeping our communities safe and strong. My endorsement goes to Milo Fitch. He combines a model career in the Sacramento Sheriff’s department with the smarts to use the right tools of law enforcement to protect our neighborhoods. He is a proven leader who will partner with residents, businesses, faith and community leaders, Sheriff’s deputies and City police officers throughout the county to keep our neighborhoods safe and sound.”

Steve Cohn, Sacramento City Councilmember 1994-2014

“I know I can trust Milo to always work in the best interests of all our students. He’s the right person at the right time, Sacramento County deserves to have the best leadership possible in our new Sheriff.”

Jay Hansen, Sacramento Unified School District Board Member