“The man standing next to me has demonstrated, throughout the course of his career, his commitment to the community, to conscientious criminal justice reform, but also to doing the hard work of helping people integrate back into our communities, who often, in the current system, get left behind, re-offend and end up back where they started.”

Steve Hansen, Vice Mayor, City of Sacramento , Sacramento

“If there is one office that needs change – it is Sheriff. Millions of tax dollars wasted to pay for lawsuits and a string of controversies are the highlights of Scott Jones’ tenure. I am supporting Milo Fitch to turn that department around. He is well qualified for the job and has the right priorities – community policing and real reform. I look forward to working with him to make these priorities become realities for this county.”

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty , Sacramento

“Sacramento needs a sheriff who more closely reflects our community values; who understands the value of evidence-based programs that help people who are being released from custody so they don’t re-offend; and someone who understands that concealed weapons permits are not meant to be tossed around like confetti at a parade. I think Milo Fitch is the right person at the right time for the job and I am happy to support him as our next Sacramento County Sheriff.”

SMUD Board President, Gregg Fishman