I’ve lived in Sacramento County my entire life. For more than half that time, 33 years, I served the Sheriff’s Department, working extensively on the streets where I gained a first-hand understanding of how to protect our community.

As I moved up the ranks, I did successful work in roles such as detective and member of the narcotic gang division. Later, I became a leader of investigations and internal affairs. In these roles, I provided progressive leadership, innovation, and integrity as a change agent. I’ve worked with lawmakers, the public, and victims to help end the jail-to-streets-to-jail revolving door for thousands of people who now are productive in their communities. I’ve helped bring law enforcement into sync with a public that demands both protection and accountability.

Most recently, I’ve worked as chief of workforce development for the state agency that provides job training and opportunities to set men and women on a new path, keeping them from returning to prison. I love my job, but after speaking with many friends and colleagues, I felt an obligation to run for office because the current leadership of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department cannot deliver what our community needs.

"I will be a strong Sheriff who works with community leaders and equally serves the diverse groups in our county..."

In recent years, the department paid out more than $10 million in taxpayer money for sexual discrimination accusations and lawsuits.  With a degree in Business, and a track record that includes running large budgets and creating effective policies, I will put the Sheriff’s Department in the right direction without wasting taxpayer money. I will take responsibility and be accountable for my leadership — building a work environment that supports the men and women in the Department and does not tolerate any climate for harassment or corruption.

I will be a strong Sheriff who works with community leaders and equally serves the diverse groups in our county, where I’ve lived my whole life and raised my children—two of whom are serving as Sheriff’s deputies. You can trust in my extensive experience and my passion to do right by this community.

It is now up to voters to bring me into office. I will be working hard over the coming months to educate the public on my strong track record and how my effective leadership will make our community prouder, safer and stronger. I hope you’ll join me in my campaign to transform the Sacramento County’s Sheriff department into a model for the state and nation.

Warm regards,

Milo Fitch

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